Probate & Trust Administration

Start-to-finish guidance for the final disposition of your loved one’s estate

When a loved one passes away, your grief can easily be compounded by confusion about how to proceed with his or her estate.  The process for administering an estate depends on whether there is a living trust with a will, just a will or no will or trust.  Whichever process you face, you need experienced legal counsel who know the law thoroughly and can provide patient and compassionate service.

We provide close personal counsel from start to finish.  If the estate has to go through a formal probate, we will prepare the court petitions and other necessary documents, and help you through the probate process.  The probate process includes performing an inventory of assets and determining their value, identifying creditors or debtors of the estate and giving them proper notice, analyzing the validity of the claims, and the final distribution of assets.  We support you in your communications with creditors, debtors, heirs and the court so that the whole process is orderly, transparent and in compliance with California law.

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