Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney can help safeguard the health and welfare of  loved ones

Sometimes it becomes necessary for one person to assume the decision-making authority for another. If an incapacitated adult does not have the proper powers of attorney in place then the court will decide who will make these decisions for the person (through a court proceeding called a conservatorship). Properly drafted powers of attorney allow a person to voluntarily decide ahead of time who they would like to act as their agents in case they become incapacitated and cannot make health or financial decisions for themselves.

We recommend that every adult (yes, that means everyone over 18, including college students) have powers of attorney in place.  As part of our services, we prepare:

  • Powers of attorney for financial decisions
  • Powers of attorney for healthcare decisions (HIPAA compliant)

Whatever the situation may be, we explain with care and sensitivity the ramifications of having powers of attorney in place that can go into effect immediately or go into effect only in case of incapacity.  In case of the power of attorney for medical decisions, this document allows you to decide (and also allows your loved ones to know in advance) the level of treatment and intervention options that you find acceptable.

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