Nonprofit Law

We help you successfully set up a nonprofit and run it.

Starting a nonprofit is a great way to promote a worthwhile cause.  Concerned citizens are forming nonprofit companies to make a difference in the world by enhancing and improving the world we live in a multitude of ways.  For qualified entities that are organized for literary, religious, educational, scientific or other charitable purposes, Nassiri Law Firm is here to help you properly set up your nonprofit so that it receives the appropriate benefits, including:

  • Federal tax exemption
  • California state tax exemption
  • Property tax exemption
  • Sales and use tax exemption

Applying for and successfully receiving nonprofit status is the first crucial step in forming your nonprofit organization.  In order to maintain its nonprofit status, an organization is subject to and must comply with certain federal and state laws and regulations that are specific to nonprofits.   Moreover even if the primary motive is not profit, a nonprofit organization is still a business and must be run like one in order to be successful.

At Nassiri Law Firm, we proudly have helped many organizations become qualified nonprofits under federal and state law, and we continue to legally advise them in the day-to-day running of their businesses.

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